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Laguna Dreams, Laguna Beach Book 5 - Kaira Rouda

I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

Laguna Dreams the 5th book in the Laguna Beach series was a short and quick read. This instalment tells the story of Phillip Kensington and Amanda Crown. I met Amanda briefly in the previous instalment and at the time I was curious to know if a story would be written about her.

Phillip owns a winery and is on the verge of getting married. When I saw this, I thought that the story would be centred on a love triangle theme; however, this was not the case. There was no cheating involved. Phillip has been having second thoughts about his upcoming nuptials long before he met Amanda, but did not have the guts to end his engagement. That changed, however, when he met Amanda. This does not mean that things went smoothly after that.

The scene involving their initial meeting was funny and sweet. When he first met Amanda, he believed her to be homeless. This, however, did not put a damper on his attraction to her. His actions at the time demonstrated that he was a compassionate man; however, his compassion would prove to be his weakness. I surmised this from the way he handled the situation with his fiancée. I also found him to be inflexible. He planned everything in his life even the age when he would get married and it is for that reason he found himself in his current situation. He was willing to accept his fiancee's behaviour just to ensure his life went has how he planned it.

Amanda is the daughter of Alexa Crown, star of the soap opera Days and Nights. Anna’s heart is not into acting; however, her mother had other ideas. She kept forcing her to take on inconsequential roles, and Amanda being the dutiful daughter gave in to her demands. This went on for some time until an unfortunate scene on set had her rethinking her decision to give into her mother's demands. At that moment she realised that she needed to take charge of her life. What she did not know was that decision would lead to a major change in her life. I enjoyed seeing Amanda taking charge of her life and doing what she wanted, and not what her mother expected.

The chemistry between Amanda and Phillip was evident from the first meeting and was undeniable by their second encounter. These two were perfect for each other, but circumstances in the form of Phillip’s ex-fiancée was determined to keep them apart. I have seen and read about crazy women but she beat them all. She refused to accept the truth even when it was staring her in the face. Who keeps planning a wedding after the man you were supposed to marry ended the relationship, well she did. Crazy does not even begin to describe her.

I enjoyed the romance and the drama, which kept me turning the pages, as I needed to know how it all would unfold. What I did not like, however, was the speed at which the story ended. The situation involving Phillip’s fiancée did not sit well with me. I thought that aspect of the story lacked development. She never answered for what she did, providing her with the opportunity to do it to someone else. Another issue I had was how quickly Phillip developed a bond with Amanda's friends. This took place over one weekend. I also had issues with how her mother was so quick to accept Phillip after her many attempts to get her to hook up with a particular soap opera star. I believe that these issues took away from the authenticity of the story.

Laguna Dreams is a sweet romance that demonstrates that at times we need to move out of our comfort zone so that we can cease the opportunities that this great big universe has to offer. Despite the issues mentioned, I found this to be an ok read and one I would recommend to fans of contemporary romance. There is no need to read the previous books prior to reading this installment.

Lost in Between - K.L. Kreig

‘It takes a special girl to open a boy’s eyes to what’s right in front of him, Willow. But when he realizes it, he’ll fight to the death for her and only her. Don’t settle until you find that man.’

This is my first time reading this author’s work, but I heard great things about her and I could not wait to delve into the pages of her latest book.  “Lost In Between, which is the first book in a two-part series, is a beautifully written story about sacrifice, survival, and love.
The prologue was intriguing and it made me eager to see how the rest of the story would unfold. In it, we see the heroine, (Willow Blackwell), running out on fiancée. It was clear from that moment that she was dealing with some deep-seated issues and I was curious to discover what they were.
“Lost In Between which is told from dual POVs tells the story of Willow Blackwell and Shaw Mercer. Willow dreamed of being an actress, however, circumstances led to her giving up on that dream. In a bid to survive financially, she narrates audio books by day works as an escort by night. The latter was a last resort, as it was the only way to secure enough funds to pay her mother’s medical bills.
We look pretty, we adorn our clients, we dote, we mingle, we act the part we’re given, and we go home at the end of the ‘date’ a few hundred or thousand dollars richer, with our legs shut and our pride intact.
She lived for the day when she will be able to give up her night job. Shaw Mercer, the golden boy of Seattle may just be the answer to her problems. Shaw is in need of a girlfriend, preferably a fake one and this is where Willow comes in, for only $250,000.00, and she would pretend to be just that for four months. 
Four months of my life is a small price to pay to get out from under this financial stress plaguing me. If Shaw wants to pay me a stupid amount of money to play his girl friend, I will take it and walk away with a clean conscience when our contract ends. 
Willow is not looking to have a committed relationship. Her focus is on getting her business off the ground. She experienced loss at an early age. The kind of loss that brought about devastating changes as a result, she is still trying to figure out who she was as a person. She feels lost and as a result, she does not allow anyone to get close to her. She pushed people away to protect herself from hurt. She is a woman with many secrets. She is a complicated character and I enjoyed uncovering all her layers. 
‘…if loving someone – anyone – eventually leads to heartbreak, loss, and mourning, why do we do it? Why do we continue to let people into our lives, our hearts? Steal our very soul out from under us before we realize a vital piece of us is forever missing?’
Shaw is a player and just like Willow, he has commitment phobia. Long-term commitment is not on his list of priorities, but his family had other ideas. He is arrogant, over-confident and sexy. Willow was unlike any woman he has ever been with before. She challenged him, she had him jumping through hoops and she made him feel things he never felt before.  Will he be able to walk away when the contract expires? This is so much more than a romance story.  It touched on some heavy issues such as drug abuse and suicide. These issues, in general, can be traumatic as such, it was it easy to understand the pain and hurt the protagonists were experiencing being so close to such a situation.
Sexual tension permeated the pages of the book. The attraction between them is instantaneous and undeniable. They fought the attraction as giving into it could lead to complications, but lines are easily crossed and when they did, it was explosive.
No story is worth its salt without a dynamic supporting cast; well this story had it in spades.  The secondary characters helped to stir things up, making for an interesting read, especially that twist near to the end. I certainly never saw that one coming.

I loved everything about this book, well, except for the ending. It left me hanging and now I will be waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the release of the sequel.

Exposure - Kelly Moran

"We were supposed to be finished. I know, but I can't seem to quit you."

Exposure is sexy, captivating and provocative. This is a story of love, passion, and mystery that will have you hooked from the first page. From the moment I read the blurb, I knew this would be a book worth reading.

Raven Crowne is the sole proprietor of an Art Gallery. She suffers from a paralyzing fear of strangers, especially those of the male persuasion. She is slowly recovering from the state of depression that she had experienced for years. Her fears contributed to her need for control, especially in the bedroom. In light of this, it must have been a bit discomforting when she began receiving sexy and steamy anonymous notes for the five years on her birthday and on the odd occasion. (Who is this mystery man and why hasn’t he revealed himself?) The only man she trusts is her best friend since college Noah Caldwell.

Noah is the only child of a New Jersey senator. He is a billionaire whose wealth came from inherited money and monies he earned from his adventure start-up company. What he feels for Raven goes beyond mere friendship, but he never made his feelings known. His reasons for not telling her how he felt was understandable and proved that he did care. He too had a need for control, which should prove interesting when he and Raven got together.

From the moment I met Raven, I found her an interesting character. She overcame the issues from her past to become the successful businesswoman she is today. On the business front, it is evident she is in control, however, in regards to her personal life it was a constant struggle. Noah is a likeable character. I loved how he was protective of Raven, although there were times when I thought his behaviour was a bit too obsessive. This proved overwhelming for Raven as she had a hard time reconciling her feelings for him. There were things about Noah that Raven was not privy to. She would soon discover that here friend was selfless and would lay down his life for those he loved.

I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, which at times was intense, hot and steamy. The dialogue was good and the pacing was perfect. There was never a point where the story dragged. What made the story even more exciting was the element of danger included in the story. It had me turning the pages because I was eager to discover how that aspect of the story would unfold. Their pasts were proving a hindrance to their being together. Theirs was a case of trying to make a relationship that started out as a trial into something worth fighting for.

This is an emotional friend to lovers story that is loaded with lots of hot and steamy scenes. The writing, which is solid, held me captive throughout the entire story. This was an incredible combination of steamy erotic romance, drama, suspense and emotional healing.

This was my first time reading Kelly Moran’s work, and it will not be my last. I loved this story, would definitely recommend it.

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Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story, #2) - Autumn Sand

I read Bedlam, the first book in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series, which for me was an ok read. I had it in my intention to read Mayhem, the second book in the series, but never got around to it. Thanks to Quirky Blind Date, I finally got the chance to take it off my TBR list and placed it on my read list.



First off, I have to say that I enjoyed this instalment more than I did the first one. Please note that reading Bedlam before Mayhem is not necessary, however, the characters from book 1 make an appearance in the second instalment.


I enjoyed the story line, which is not typical of what one would come to expect from romance novels. Romance, suspense, and drama permeated the pages of the book and it was enough to keep me entertained. The story pulled me in from the first page and at that moment Dante, aka Tick captured my heart. When I met him in Bedlam he did nothing for me, but learning about him in this instalment changed my entire perspective about him.


The protagonists were dynamic. They were two broken souls living in the pain of their past. Dante lived his life constantly in a prison of his own making. He blamed himself for the loss of his family, even though it was beyond his control. He has lived with this guilt for 10 years. I could relate to him on this matter, having lost someone who was very dear to me. I know first-hand how easy it is to blame ourselves, believing we did not do enough.


Cyma (An unusual name) has been through hell and back. I understood her fears as it relates to getting involved with Dante. I did not blame her after all she had been through its only logical. I admired her strength and independence. I did not like how she almost allowed her pride to prevent from accepting help to save her daughter.


I found the situation with Cyma's daughter heartbreaking. I empathized with Cyma, having to watch her daughter deteriorating before her eyes, not sure if she will be able to get her help in time. There was a point when I thought all hope may have been lost, but then things turned around for the better. That made my heart leap with joy.


I liked almost everything about this book, except for the part where Dante in practically every thought he had about Cyma kept saying 'My woman'. I did not see the need to reiterate it.



Mayhem was a heartwarming story about two broken souls who never expected to have a second chance at love. It was a captivating read from start to finish. It is a story about loss, love, and rebirth. It demonstrates that grieving the loss of loved ones is natural, but we should not allow it to consume us. It also shows that accepting help does not take away from our independence. We all need help at some time in our lives as 'no man is an island, and no man stands alone'.

Defending Jagger (Search & Seek Book 1) - Amanda Mackey

I had the privilege of receiving this book via Quirky Blind Date for my reading pleasure. My review is voluntary and I received no compensation whatsoever.

When I received this book, I had no idea what to expect, as I never heard of the author before. This was a new experience for me; however, based on the synopsis I figured that it would be an interesting journey. Defending Jagger tells the story of a young man sentenced to spend twenty years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit and the teacher who made it her mission to prove his innocence.

Rosalind McAllister teaches creative writing at the Arizona State Prison. She chose this career as she hoped to make a difference and she believed that in teaching in the prison system she could accomplish that goal. She is brave, intelligent and compassionate. She had her share of disastrous relationships; as such, she was not looking for love. Therefore, the last place she expected to find it was in a prison.

Jagger Reid worked his way into my heart the moment I met him. Adapting to prison life changed him in many ways, but the one thing that remained the same was his compassion. He did not have an easy life growing up, but he tried to make the best of it. He was a natural protector, which was clear from the fact that he was willing to go to prison for a crime he did not commit, in a bid to protect his brother. He was selfless and never did he stop to think about the effect that his actions would have on him.

The secondary characters were interesting, but the one that intrigued me was Cutter. I hoped for more information about him, but it was not forthcoming. I knew why he was in prison, but I had no idea as to the circumstances that led to that particular incident. Who was he? What kind of life did he have while growing up? Based on how he related to Jagger, he did not strike me as a cold-blooded person. I found his banter with Jagger entertaining. Their bond went beyond friendship.
The story elicited a range of emotions. It made me laugh, angry and sad. I laughed at Cutter and Jagger’s antics, I was angry, when I learned about the issue surrounding Jagger's incarceration and I was sad for all he had to endure in prison.

Defending Jagger is an engaging read and emotional story about the sacrifices made for the ones we love. It demonstrates how easy it is for one to pass judgement on others without knowing their circumstances. It will tug at your heartstrings and have you turning the pages, as you will be eager to know the outcome.

At Close Range (Tracers) - Laura Griffin

I got my first taste of Laura Griffin’s work when I read Deep Dark, book 10 in the Tracer series, which I enjoyed as such when the opportunity came to read At Close Range, I could not resist. There is no need to read the earlier books in the series before reading this installment as it is possible to read it as a stand-alone.

In this installment, we meet Daniele Harper, a detective who came from a family of law enforcement officials. She became the lead investigator on a high-profile case, which involved the murder of a professor, and his mistress. This case had the potential to make or break her career. Her involvement in the case led to her working closely with her longtime crush Scott Black. Scott is a former Navy Seal who now works as a ballistics expert with the Delphi Centre, a private forensics laboratory.

The attraction between Dan but they were off-limits to each as Scott was her brother’s best friend. Things between them became tense between them when Scott became a suspect in her current case. He was not about to sit back and wait for things to play out, his priority was in proving his innocence. Not only does Dani have to deal with her feelings for the man, who is the main suspect, she has to face resentment from colleagues who felt she did not deserve the role of lead investigator on the case. Then more bodies began turning up causing all involved to step back and view things differently. Things became more complicated when Scott discovered that someone wanted Dani dead. Is this related to the current case or is it isolated?

Daniele is stubborn, tenacious, determined and brave; however, there were times when her actions went a bit overboard. I guess this was mostly due to her wanting to prove that she could handle the role of lead investigator. Scott is a protector by nature and he would do what it takes to protect Daniele even if it meant interfering with the investigation. He is not afraid to colour somewhat outside the lines when the need arises.

When the story began, it had me on the edge of my seat due to the tense, edgy and thrilling scene that was taking place. At that moment, I knew there would be interesting times ahead for this story. The pace slowed down somewhat, but this was due to the ongoing investigation. Twists and surprises permeated the pages of the book. When I thought I had it figured out the author throws in a twist that had me rethinking my original stance. The pace picked up at around fifty percent (50%) of the book. From then it was an adrenaline-pumping ride.

These two danced around each for a long time, that when they finally took the plunge, it was explosive. In spite of this, however, I felt that the romance needed more developing.

If you enjoy stories with lots of action, suspense and mystery, you will love At Close Range. It will keep you guessing at every page turn, which makes it an exciting and thrilling read.

Rescued by Love - Melissa Foster

Writing this review proved a difficult task. Why? After reading Chased by Love, which I loved, I was looking forward to reading Rescued by Love so much so, that I chose to read on the weekend when I would have little or no interruptions. I wanted to savour every moment, but unfortunately, things did not go as planned. I had a difficult time getting into the story, which is a first for me where the author is concerned. The story was slow to the point that it felt like it was not going anywhere. It was not until about the last 30% that the story picked up.


Developing a connection with the main characters was difficult. Addison had an unhappy childhood even though she lived a privileged life. As an adult, she was determined to prove that she was able to survive without her trust fund. She considered love to be over-rated and denied that she needed it in her life. To prove her theory, she never slept with the same man more than once. Personally, I believed her actions reeked of self-loathing. Initially, I understood her need to be independent, but after some time her actions became frustrating. She refused to accept help when offered for fear it may rob her of her independence. Seriously! That only highlighted her insecurities and her selfishness.


I was not sure what to make of Jake. It was evident that he was a hot, sexy, alpha male with a stubborn streak a mile long, but that was as far as it went. His backstory was severely lacking, which made him an unmemorable character.


The romance did nothing for me. Addison spent most of the time that they were together, denying her feelings. They got involved with each other without knowing much about one another. Their connection was more sexual than emotional.


I enjoyed the connection between family and friends, which was the author’s trademark. I never tire of reading about the bonds of family and friendships. Verdict: Did I enjoy this installment? : Somewhat. Would I continue the series? : Most definitely. Would I recommend this title? Yes! Not every reader has the same taste, and what I find to be mediocre, may be top notch for someone else. This story was my least favourite of the series.


Verdict: Did I enjoy this installment? : Somewhat.

Would I continue the series? : Most definitely.

Would I recommend this title? Yes! Not every reader has the same taste, and what I find to be mediocre, may be top notch for someone else.


This story was my least favourite of the series.

IN Defiance (An Ivy Nash Thriller, Book 1) - John W. Mefford

I have been following John Mefford’s work ever since I read his Booker series. When I discovered that, he would be releasing a new series I could not wait to find out more about his new heroine Ivy Nash. She is a special investigator for Child Protective Services, who is a firm believer in fighting for the wellbeing of children. These beliefs were due to the poor treatment she received as a child. She grew up in a variety of foster homes, which led to her having first-hand experience as to what children who grew up in the same conditions had to face.


Ivy is one of those characters that readers of this genre would love. She is strong, independent, and not one to back down at the first sign of trouble. She was determined not to allow the pain from her past to dictate her present. These traits were demonstrated when she went above and beyond to prove the innocence of a ten-year-old boy who had confessed to murder. Was he guilty or was he just another victim who fell prey to his circumstances?


From the moment, I began the story I knew it was going an entertaining read. I found the story to be interesting, well-written and thought-provoking with well-developed characters. It highlighted the problems of foster care, where children instead of feeling safe, find themselves in abusive situations and facing a variety of atrocities. In addition to the thrilling ride, there were some heart-breaking moments. This seems to be a worldwide epidemic.)


This was quite the page-turner, which had me guessing from one moment to the next. There were tense moments that had me on the edge of my seat while I anxiously awaited the outcome. There are several stories taking place that appears unrelated, however, as the story progressed the connection became evident.


This is a great start to what appears to be another exciting series by Mr. Mefford. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment.

It's You - Katy Regnery, K.P. Kelley

I am so in awe of this series right now. It took me some time to get my thoughts together in preparation to write this review, I can only hope it adequately explains my feelings about this book.

After that ending in part one, I could not wait to get my hands on book two. I was eager to see how things would unfold for Darcy and Jack. In this installment, Darcy’s heart and head are in a battle as she tries to come to terms with her discovery about Jack. I have to admit that I was frustrated with the way she treated Jack after her discovery. I understood the magnitude of such a discovery and the shock she would feel, but I do not believe Jack deserved such harsh treatment. It is evident they shared an unbroken bond and he has proven how much he loved her so that should count for something.

In addition to dealing with Darcy’s rejection, Jack also had to contend with the rules of his pack. Rules, that would be broken if he and Darcy are to remain together. How could he convince his pack that Darcy, a human, could possibly be his true mate? Added to that was his jealous half-sister who was determined to break his bond with Darcy and initiate a re-binding.

The focus of this installment was on the struggles that Jack and Darcy faced in pursuit of their happily ever after. The story was engrossing and I became thoroughly wrapped up in the lives of the characters as a result. I felt as if I was living Jack and Darcy’s life. This installment evoked a variety of emotions, but the ones that stood out were sorrow and anger. Yes, I felt sorrow for all that Jack was going through. I felt his pain at every page turn. The thought of him losing the woman he was destined to be with was heartbreaking and it was, for this reason, I silently cursed Darcy for what she was doing to him. I was angry at the way she wanted to change him so he could fit into her world. Thankfully, she redeemed herself and proved that she was worthy of Jack’s love. Jack was selfless. He would do anything to keep Darcy safe, even if it meant giving her up. He never wavered in his feelings for her.

I was fascinated with the author’s take on Pack politics. This was different from what I read about in other shifter books. I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, my favourite being Willow, who was Darcy’s best friend. She proved to be a loyal friend to both Darcy and Jack. My least favourite was Leila, who was Jack’s half –sister. Personally, I believed she got off too easy after all the trouble she stirred up.

This story was a perfect demonstration of unconditional love. How many of us are willing to sacrifice our own happiness for the people we consider important to us? Jack demonstrated this from start to finish. Darcy was a bit late in the game, but she demonstrated her growth when she decided to make the ultimate sacrifice.


I loved this book, which was an emotionally charged read that had depth and fluidity. This is the best book I have read by this author and one that I highly recommend. I am hoping that the author would consider giving us Willow’s story next.

Source: http://totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2017/01/book-review-its-you-book-2-by-katy.html
Real Good Love (Real Duet Book 2) - Meghan March

"Real Good Love" is the exciting conclusion to the Real Good Duet.  The first book Real Good Man had left me with many questions, which made me eager for the release of Real Good Love.  Thankfully, I did not have to wait too long to receive the answers to my questions.  It picked up from where the first book left off, and with a lot more excitement.  Not only did it have the sexy and humorous banter that I had come to expect from Logan and Banner, it was suspenseful and emotional which added to the intensity of the story.

In Real Good Love, the author explored Logan and Banner’s relationship on a deeper level.  In doing so, she enabled me to experience everything they went through as a couple, thus allowing me to be able to relate to them. They experienced changes that could have had an adverse effect on their relationship, but instead, they used the experience gained to help make their relationship stronger.

The romance and the mystery element were well balanced. The small community Gold Haven has once again gained the attention of the outside world. Everyone is a suspect and no one can be trusted.  Personally, I believe that the element of a good mystery is one that keeps you guessing until the end, and Meghan March did an excellent job where this was concerned. She kept me in suspense the whole time and I was surprised when I discovered who was behind the distribution of meth.

The story flowed smoothly, the pacing was good and there was never a dull moment. There was lots of drama to keep readers glued to the pages.

If you enjoy sizzling romance sprinkled with humour, mystery, and suspense then you will love this series.


Source: http://totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2017/01/realgoodlove-meghanmarch-review.html

Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino


Having never read anything written by Renee Carlino prior to this, I was happy to receive an eArc of her latest novel. My excitement stemmed from all the great things that I have heard about her work. My excitement increased exponentially when I discovered that the story involved a guardian angel falling in love with his charge. I am such a sucker for these types of stories. Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived.


For the first quarter of the book, everything was going well, but then it took a nose dive but managed to get back on track within 80% of the story. It was not altogether a bad read, but personally, I believed it could have been better.
Although I encountered issues that placed a damper on my reading experience, there were some aspects of the story which I found entertaining. The parts I enjoyed were

The Premise
As stated earlier, I found the idea of a guardian angel falling in love with his charge intriguing. It reminded me of the Movie City of Angels which starred Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.

All who read my reviews knows that I am a big fan of stories told from the characters’ POVs. In this case, the story was told from the POV of Lucian and Evelyn, which gave me a front row seat into their thoughts and feelings.

Author’s Approach:
The author provided a unique approach to the story. The guardian angel stories have been done several times, however, the author placed her own twist to this story which resulted in a unique creation. I loved her take on angels. For instance, Lucian is a guardian angel who had a close relationship with alcohol, cursed like a sailor and was a notorious rule breaker. They were heavenly beings who were endowed with human emotions. They used social media and they even used the popular dating site Tinder.

The Message:
The message portrayed was profound. It reminded how powerful faith can be if only believe. Although there were no religious connotations, this story reminded how powerful hope, faith, and love were. They cannot exist on their own. The story demonstrated that when you have all three you have the strength to overcome obstacles.

Now on to the areas that I felt needed some work,
I had a difficult time connecting with the main characters. I believed that this had to do with the fact that their emotions were all over the place.

Personally, I felt that they fell in love too quickly. One moment they are meeting in a bar and the next they are head over heels in love with each other. There was no development in the romance which led to it appearing unrealistic. The relationship moved rather quickly.

The story lacked fluidity. There was a lot of skipping in between scenes, which made it feel like large chunks of the story was missing. It was not clear as to the timeframe of the events. Unfortunately, I can’t provide an example as to what I am referring to, without including spoilers, so I will leave it at that.

Lucian Divine had the potential to be a five-star read, unfortunately, it missed the mark. In spite of the issues encountered, I enjoyed the story, but it was not my favourite read. That being said, I would recommend that you read it for yourself as your experience may be different from mine. Would, I read more from this author? Yes, most definitely

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1872717739

Real Good Man by Meghan March

Real Good Man (Real Duet, #1)

I have been a fan of Meghan March ever since I read “Beneath This Mask”. When I heard that she would be releasing a new book I was over the moon. When I was chosen to receive an ARC of her new book I was one happy camper. I have not read all of her books, but those that I have read so far I have thoroughly enjoyed, and “Real Good Man” was no exception.
The story was not only sexy, it was sweet, funny and entertaining.

From the moment I began reading, I knew I would be in for a hell of a ride.

“It’s not like I sent him a pic of my amazing rack or something, so there’s no need to get your granny panties in a twist, Frau Frances.” My neighbor from across the hall, who I’d guess is older than the gates of hell, covers her ears and closes her eyes like a toddler.

I read it in one sitting. Yes, it was that addictive. It was a good thing I was alone while reading because persons may have thought I was crazy from the way I was grinning from ear to ear throughout most of the story.

Banner Regent, OMG! That girl is a riot. She is smart, witty and unapologetic about who she is. She couldn’t care less what anybody thought of her. She goes where and does what she pleases. She does not do relationships and is well known for her one night stands, which led to her calling herself, Manhattan’s Queen of One-Night Stands.

I first met Logan when I read the “Dirty Billionaire Trilogy.” I was glad to know that he would be getting his own story. Logan is a former Marine turned mechanic in a small town in Kentucky and a total hottie. He was a well sought after bachelor in the town, but he had no interest in any of the women there. By sheer coincidence, he and Banner began a texting relationship which would eventually evolve into something more. Logan was determined to find out if the reality of Banner matched his fantasy of her and so he decided that he had to meet her. Even though he felt she was out of his league, he was not about to let that deter him. When they finally met in person the chemistry was off the charts. Their attraction was undeniable.

The story was told from both Banner and Logan’s perspective which I appreciated. The word building was good which made for an easy read. I particularly enjoy the interaction between the characters. I liked that the focus was not just on Banner and Logan’s relationship. There is a mystery brewing and I am eager to see how that aspect of the story will develop.
I enjoyed this story, well, except for the ending, but that was only because it ended on a cliff-hanger. I am glad I will not be waiting long for the sequel.

This was a great start to the duology and I am eager to read the next book in the series.

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster

Oh, my! Oh my! I need me some more Dylan Bad. That man is absolute perfection. Not only is he hot, sexy and bad he is compassionate, passionate and understanding. Melissa Foster sure knows how to create the perfect hero.


Dylan is the type of guy who loves when he can help a woman who he feels is in need of being rescued. That’s the type of woman he is attracted to, so you can imagine his surprise when he finds himself drawn to Tiffany Winters. She was the furthest thing from someone who needed to be rescued. She is the type of woman that some men may find intimidating. She is strong, independent, driven and a total ball buster. She has no interest in a long-term relationship, but she has nothing against the occasional hook-ups when time permits. Her main focus was on building her career as a well sought after sports agent. She likes to be in control both in the boardroom and the bedroom. When she laid eyes on Dylan Bad, she only had one goal on her mind and that was to have a night of unbridled passion. What she never counted on was that night would leave her wanting more, which tested her need to always be in control.



Initially, she was not a likable character, but as the story progressed, I saw a side of her that she never revealed to the outside world. To them, she was considered an ice princess, but it took Dylan to show that there was indeed a softer side to her. I liked that he accepted her for who she was. He never tried to change her, but instead showed her that there was more to life than work. He helped her to see that sometimes it’s good to let loose and enjoy what life had to offer.


This story is a perfect demonstration of how issues from our past help shape our actions in the present which can either have a positive or negative effect. It was good to see Dylan and Tiffany moving pass the pain from their past and in doing so, was able to cease the opportunities that their new found relationship had to offer. The story was well written and the characters were well developed. There were some steamy scenes and a few laugh out loud moments. There was one particular scene that had me in stitches. In spite of the humour of the situation, it made me realise how much Tiffany had grown since she met Dylan.


Verdict This was an enjoyable story of unconditional love. Melissa Foster has proven once again why she is on my list of must read authors. She knows how to create a story that is humorous, sweet, emotional, and has enough steam to cause spontaneous combustion. I enjoyed every moment of Dylan and Tiffany’s story and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.


Favourite Quote


"Relationships don’t work because people change. They work because two people want to be together, and one’s strengths complements the other’s weaknesses. I like who you are. It’s pretty awesome not needing to fix or save you, and just being able to enjoy you. But soon all this great sex and intrigue will hit a wall. To go further, we have to get to know each other on a deeper level. If you want that, if you want me, you have to let me in.”

The King (Games We Play, #1)

I received an ARC of “The King” (The Games We Play #1) to read for review purposes. When I found out that there was a prequel “The Fool” I purchased a copy to read prior to reading this installment. After reading the prequel I couldn’t wait to start “The King”, as I was eager to discover what happened after the events that took place at the masquerade ball.

The prologue was intriguing and made me want to delve further into the story. This installment was exciting, although there were moments when the story slowed down somewhat. This was probably due to volume of background information that was provided as it relates to the League and the various vampire clans.

I am a big fan of paranormal stories, especially those involving vampires. I have read quite a few, most of which follow a particular trend, where you may find the vampire being somewhat domineering. “The King” took a different direction. For me, this was more than a romance between a vampire and a huntress. This story had a lot of layers, one just have to take the time to peel each one away.

When I first met the characters in the prequel I was intrigued by them. I was curious to learn what made them tick. Delia is a vampire huntress who has spent years trying to prove her worth to the League, but to no avail. She never gained the respect she craved no matter what she did. I understood her need to go out on a limb to prove herself, but is putting her life on the line worth it? She tends to be a bit reckless as she does not think things through before acting. I didn’t like how she kept kowtowing to the upper echelons in the League, trying to gain their recognition. However, by the end of the book, I saw the real Delia shining through, by then my respect for her grew. She was a fighter and was willing to take on any challenge that came her way.

Claude Grimm, the vampire that stole Delia’s heart was absolute perfection. He was not your typical vampire. Not only was he handsome and charismatic, he was also patient and caring. He was a protector by nature. He was not afraid to go after what he wanted which was demonstrated in his pursuit of Delia. I liked that he did not force his will on her. He gave her room to make her own choices. However, he was not without his flaws. For a king, he was a bit laid back, which led to him being caught with his pants down (figuratively). I liked that he recognized his error, and took the steps he thought were best to handle the situation that had arose.

I enjoyed the interaction between Delia and Claude, although I found her actions at times frustrating. Claude pulled out all the stops to win her over, but she kept rejecting him, even though deep down she wanted to be with him. However, circumstances would force her hand and she had no option but to give in. At this point, things between them began to flow making for an interesting read. Their moments together made me smile and had me rooting for them especially in light of the forbidden nature of their romance.

I was hoping for a little more action where the hunters and rogue vampires were concerned. It wasn’t until about the last 40% of the book that things began to heat up.

“The King” is a story of love, betrayal and the quest for power. It demonstrated that the persons closest to us have the power to destroy us if we are not careful. This was something that both Delia and Claude would discover. This was a good story, one that I recommend to fans of paranormal romances. I am eagerly awaiting the release of “The Queen”.

The Fool: A Paranormal Romance Prologue (Games We Play Book 1) - Liz Meldon-Smith

The Fool: A Paranormal Romance Prologue (Games We Play Book 1)“The Fool” is the prequel to the “The Games We Play” series. It sets the tone for what readers can expect from the series. It whetted my appetite and made me eager to discover what the series had to offer.

“The Fool” introduces us to Delia, a low-level vampire hunter who has been trying to garner the respect of the vampire hunting league. However, no matter what she did they refused to acknowledge her efforts. Therefore, when an opportunity arose for her to prove that she was good at her job she could not resist. It didn’t matter that she had to dress up and attend a masquerade ball to achieve her goal. This was her chance to kill the head honcho of the regional vampire clan. What she did no count on, however, was the distraction that came in the form of an intriguing and mysterious stranger who was determined to stay by her side for the entire night if possible.

This was an easy and quick read, which of course ended with a whopping cliff-hanger. Although it was short it provided me with enough information to warrant me wanting to continue the series. The intimate encounter between Delia and the mysterious stranger was steamy and intense and left me wanting more. The pacing was good and I thought the story was well written.

I enjoyed this introduction to the series and will be jumping head on into the next book as I can’t wait to see how the series will unfold. This is my first time reading the author’s work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

The King (Games We Play Book 2) - Liz Meldon-Smith