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BOOK REVIEW: MAD ABOUT MOON by MELISSA FOSTER @Melissa_Foster @beckvalleybook #ContemporaryRomance

Mad About Moon - Melissa Foster


Josie Beckley caught my attention when I met her in the previous installment, Wicked Whiskey Love. I wanted to know her story, why she harboured so much anger towards her sister. When I learnt that Mad About Moon would be her story I was on that baby like white on rice.
Josie is a widow and a single mom to a six-year-old boy. She grew up in an abusive environment, but she ran away and started a new life. This new life taught her how much she deserved to be loved. However, tragedy turned her life upside down and now she is down on her luck, homeless and living in a shelter.  She lost touch with her siblings, but fate brought her to the same town they lived. When she finally built up the courage to reconnect with them she reconnected not only with her siblings but also with Jed Moon, whom she never expected to see again.
Jed Moon has borne more than his fair share of pain and loss. He is a prospect for the Dark Knights, the biker group, who rescued him when his life was spiraling out of control.  Jed met Josie several years ago, but that one meeting made a lasting impression. He hoped he would once again see the girl who played a role in changing his life. So when Josie came looking for her siblings he saw this as the perfect opportunity to have her back in his life.
The sparks and chemistry, which burned between them years ago, was still alive.  
Given their history, the pace at which the romance developed came as no surprise. I enjoyed every aspect of their romance, which I found to be sweet and spicy.
My first impression of Josie, which occurred prior to this installment, was not flattering. My opinion changed after learning of her past. Her doubts and fears leapt off the pages. The reasons for her anger towards her siblings became so much clearer, but it was misplaced. I loved that she tried to make amends even though she was fearful at first, a fear that grew out of guilt.
I adored Jed. He has a huge heart. The way he embraced Josie’s son spoke volumes. Then there were the moments with his mom and sister. Jed is one of those persons who cannot turn their backs on someone who needs help.  I loved how he treated his mom despite her treatment towards him and her sister, while growing up. Never once did he give upon her.
Mad About Moon is an emotional read which features a cast of wonderful characters.  I enjoyed how much they loved and supported each other. Their actions showed that family does not necessarily have to comprise of blood relatives. Family is all about having people you can count on to be there for you through thick and thin.
Another heart-warming story by Melissa Foster and a great addition to the series.  Fans of spicy, heartwarming stories will appreciate this latest offering from the Ms. Foster.
Source: http://totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2019/04/book-review-tour-mad-about-moon.html