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BOOK REVIEW: THE LIAR'S GIRL by CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD #Mystery #Thriller @cathryanhoward

The Liar's Girl - Catherine Ryan Howard

I discovered The Liar’s Girl through Barnes and Noble serial reads. I started out using that medium, however as the story progressed, my curiosity could not survive the wait for the daily installments so I purchased the book. Well worth the money spent.

The story started out slow, but it gradually progressed and pulled me in page-by-page until I found myself deeply invested. I had to know the identity of the Canal Killer.

Will is considered Ireland’s most prolific serial killer. Found guilty for the stalking and drowning of five young college females at nineteen. Currently serving time in a Psychiatric hospital in Dublin. However, ten years later when a young woman’s body is found in the canal and the evidence shows similarities to the murders they sentenced Will for, it gave rise to questions. Was Will innocent or did he have an accomplice?

Allison has spent the last ten years of her life trying to escape her past. Knowledge that she dated a serial killer and the fact her best friend was one of his victims weighed heavily on her. Just when she believed she had it under control, the Gardai showed upon her doorstep requesting she returned to Ireland has Will had information they needed and would only share it with her. 

What followed was a tale rife with secrets, uncertainties and questions. I kept wondering is Will guilty or innocent. After all, he confessed but then you discover they coerced his confession, and it raises more questions. 

The story moved between the past and present. In doing so we get a contrast Allison’s, emotional struggles then and now. It would have been nice if Will’s perspective then and now was provided, throughout the story. It was not until near the end that things were revealed through his eyes and what a revelation. 

Allison struggled not only with the memories from the past but also with the bombardment from the media. After all she is the ex-girlfriend of a serial killer. In addition, she struggled with believing Will’s Innocence I understood why she would feel that way and it could not have been easy for her.

The contrast between Allison of the past and present showed how much she had grown. Allison of the past was young, immature and gullible. Allison of the present was smarter and not easily led.

Overall an exciting read. I am glad I got the chance to read this one. I would definitely read more from this author.

Source: http://totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2019/04/book-review-liars-girl-by-catherine.html