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Moira Ashe: Kindred Spirits - Brendon Bertram

After, finishing Moira Ashe: The Enemy Within I was eager to discover what was in store for Moira now that her secret was out. Will she continue her work as a hunter or will she stay below the radar? Moira Ashe: Kindred Spirits gave me the answers I needed to know.

The story continued from where the first book ended. The exposure of her secret forced her to abandon the life she built in Quinn. She arrives in Trident Bay intending to secure passage to Quesius. However, her efforts proved futile, as no one will transport her.  She received a reprieve, when Caspian the man in charge of the Bay offered to transport her in exchange for killing a sea monster dubbed The Terror of Trident Bay. Desperate to get away she accepted the offer. Besides her hunting The Terror, she would find herself caught up in an uprising, which placed her plans of escape and keeping her secret in jeopardy.

I found Moira to be an intriguing character, and the author did a good job fleshing out her role. Her struggles stood out in this installment. Because of her secret, she couldn’t live a normal life. Forging friendships and maintaining relationships was not something she could entertain.

She has great fighting and hunting skills, which had made her the most sought after hunter.  Her desire to protect others regardless of the danger to herself was a testament to her selfless nature.

I loved the characters introduced in this installment. The one that fascinated me most was Caspian. Throughout the story, I kept wondering if Moira could trust him. Did he want to help Moira or was it a ploy to gain more power?

I enjoyed this installment. Intense and action packed, the story engaged my interest from start to finish.  The blurb hinted at a romance, however in my humblest opinion I didn't consider it as such.   It was more of  a satisfying of physical needs.  Honestly, I did not see the need for that thread. The story involving the sea monster was tied up nicely. The ending, however, shows that there is more in store for Moira and I am keen to know what is coming next.

If you enjoy fantasy and kick ass heroines will enjoy this latest offering from Bertram.