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BOOK REVIEW: COURTED BY HER COUGAR by FELICITY HEATON @felicityheaton #ParanormalRomance #Shifters

Title : Courted by Her Cougar
Series: Cougar Creek Mates
Publisher: Indie 
Published : September 8 , 2018
Pages: 140
Format: eArc
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review
Reading Challenges: Blogger Shame, COYER Winter
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Courted by Her Cougar is the third book in the Cougar Mates series. The book can work as a standalone. This installment features Flint, the youngest of the cougar brothers.  
Flint does not intend to allow the madness he thinks claimed his brothers to affect him. Has no interest in a long-term relationship and much prefer one-night stands. Unfortunately, for Flint fate had different plans for him as he discovered when he bumped into an exotic woman by the creek.
Yasmin is a doctor, and she came to the Creek looking for her best friend Ivy. While on her search, she came face to face with Flint. Their encounter was rather interesting, and it paved the way for the rest of the story. 
Flint was taken with Yasmin and he developed feelings he never expected especially when it is geared towards a human. The madness that claimed his brothers has now hot him in its sights.
Yasmin has a protective streak, which was clear in the way she treated her friend. She has a hard outer shell that few have been able to penetrate as Flint is slowly discovering. In addition, she harbours a secret, which she is not keen to reveal anytime soon.
The cougar culture of courting proved brutal, a fact Yasmin discovered when she accepted the courtship challenge from three members of the pride. Her actions resulted from her need to get back at Flint for trying to control her. 
Once again, Heaton delivered a story filled with heat and action. Although this was not my favorite of the series, I still had a good time.  As usual, her descriptive fight scenes kept me on the edge of my seat. The fears and worries of the characters leapt from the pages. 
Courted by Her Cougar was a quick and easy read and one I recommend to fans of the genre.
Courted by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates, #3)Madness is sweeping through Cougar Creek, and Flint wants no part of it. The fever has two of his brothers in love already, and Flint is damned if he’s giving up the bachelor life to tie himself to one female, but when a perimeter sweep has him running into an exotic and enthralling beauty who rouses his instincts as a cougar shifter and a male, the hunt is on. All Yasmin is interested in is making sure her friend, Ivy, is safe, but the alluring black-haired man with a wicked smile she meets on the path to the creek has her thinking about other things. When an incident at Cougar Creek leads to her revealing a secret, and Flint’s persistence pushes her to a rash decision, her entire world is in danger of being turned upside down. With the gathering in full swing, and males determined to prove their worth to Yasmin, Flint discovers he’s not immune to the madness sweeping through the creek, because he’ll do whatever it takes to claim victory and win Yasmin’s heart… no matter how dangerous it is.
Source: http://totallyaddictedtoreading.blogspot.com/2019/01/book-review-courted-by-her-cougar.html