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Only for You (Sugar Lake) - Melissa Foster
Sweetness abounds in the second installment of the Sugar Lake series, which was fitting given the name of the town in which the story took place. The story was not only sweet; it was heart-warming, funny and entertaining. I got my first glimpse of the main characters in the first book and could not wait to dive into their story and it sure was worth every waiting moment. Only for You tells the story of a single mom and the man who made her realise falling in love the second time around can be as good and exciting as the first.

Bridgette Dalton returned to Sweetwater to raise her five-year-old son after the death of her husband. Focused on raising her son and operating her flower shop, The Secret Garden, she had no time for romance. However, her hot and sexy neighbour has her thinking maybe pursuing a no strings relationship was not such a bad thing.

Bodhi Booker came to Sweetwater to renovate the house he purchased for his mom. As a covert operations specialist he never saw it fit to make a commitment of forever to a woman. He felt he had nothing to offer a woman. This was due to the dangers of his job. He never counted on meeting the beautiful young widow who would have him rethinking his position about relationships.

From the moment they met sparks flew, and their unexpected attraction had them both tied up in knots. They tried fighting their attraction; however, after weeks of struggling with their feelings for each other they became involved in a no strings relationship with no expectations of permanency. However, love is not an emotion one can dictate, as Bridgette and Bodhi will come to realise.

I found Bridgette to be a relatable character. I admired her independence, strength and determination. With Bridgette what you see is what you get. She was real, and she remained true to herself throughout the story. I understood her reluctance to get involved in a relationship. Having suffered pain from the loss of her husband, no one could fault her for not wanting to risk her heart again. Her son, Louie was her priority so relationships were a big no-no. She took her role as a mother serious and everything she did was done with Louie in mind. 

Ms. Foster has created some amazing heroes, but Bodhi is my favourite by far. If it were possible for me to create the perfect man, Bodhi would be my template. He is hot, sexy, romantic and considerate. He is brooding, which made him even more appealing. He runs a charity for military heroes and their families. Seeing the way he treats both Bridgette and her son made my heart swoon. I can imagine the warm and fuzzy feelings Bridgette must have experience seeing this hot and sexy guy looking out not only for her but also for her son’s best interest. He is definitely a keeper. Did I mention he reads romance novels? Be still my heart.

I loved them as a couple. I became invested in their relationship and hoped they would work things out so they could be together forever instead of now and here.
Interaction between the characters was dramatic, entertaining and heart-warming. I loved all the characters but the one who owned a piece of my heart was Louie. Sweet, adorable and innocent in his mannerisms, he will worm his way into your heart.

I enjoyed this story, but I had issues. The issue I had relates Bodhi’s career, the mission he went on and the aftermath of said mission. The fact that his career played heavily in his decision to avoid long-term relationships, I expected it to be featured more in the plot. Instead it was glossed over. Furthermore, the problems arising from his career, which proved a hindrance was resolved quickly and easily. Regarding the mission, I was hoping for more details, especially as it relates to his final decision.

Fans of sweet, sexy and emotional romance stories with a sensitive and caring hero will enjoy Only For You.