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The Wright Boss - K.A. Linde

Having had the pleasure of reading The Wright Brother, I was glad for the opportunity to read the Wright Boss. The Wright Boss is a stand-alone contemporary adult romance and the second book in the Wright Brother series.

The Wright Boss is Landon and Heidi’s story. I first met them in The
Wright Brother and since then I eagerly awaited the release of their story. Landon Wright is a pro-golfer, whose career has hit a snag after suffering a severe back injury. His personal life is not worth much these days as his marriage is an epic failure. After several attempts to salvage his marriage, he realised the impossibility of trying to save something that was not worthy of being saved. As a result, he returned to his childhood home to recuperate and restore some order to his messed up life.

Heidi Martin is an engineer with Wright Construction Ltd. She knew Landon from her time in high school when he dated her best friend. Since that time, they have been good friends, but lately, she has come to realise that her feelings for Landon went deeper than friendship. However, giving into her feelings would lead to her breaking three rules she has lived by when it came to relationships.

1. Do not date your co-worker, especially if he is your boss.
2. Do not get involved with your best friend's ex
3. Never get involved with a married man.

Would she break the rules she has lived by or will she continue to deny her feelings?

I enjoyed this instalment. Truth be told I thought it was better than the previous book. From the moment, I began reading I was held captive by beautiful writing. The pacing was fitting and the story never gave me a chance to feel bored.

I enjoyed Heidi and Landon’s interaction with each other. Their attraction was undeniable and their chemistry explosive. Heidi tried to deny her feelings and to keep her distance from the man who held her heart, but this proved difficult. Her situation was made more difficult by the fact that they worked in such proximity to each other. In addition, Landon’s determination to have her in his life tested her resolve and placed the thing she held dear in danger.

The situation regarding their relationship was a bit of a grey area. Technically, Landon was married, but he was actively seeking a divorce. I know there are readers who would have preferred if they got involved after the divorce was final and for some, the fact that he was seeking a divorce was good enough. I guess it all boils down to our own sense of morality, and what we believe is acceptable as against what we consider is unacceptable. Anyway, in spite of the grey area, I enjoyed their romance, which I thought was beautifully written. Heidi and Landon’s connection ran deep. Their love for each other went through many tests, but in the end, it triumphed, which is a testament to the phrase ‘Love conquers all’.

Landon’s soon to be ex-wife is a piece of work. His family never liked her and for good reason. She is not only a gold digger, but she is also the most conniving, selfish and manipulative person I have had the displeasure to meet. No wonder Landon could not get from her fast enough. There were moments when I believe she was delusional in thinking that Landon would never leave her. The measures she took to try to stop Landon from leaving her was pathetic. I had no sympathy for her. I am still at a loss as to why Landon gave her so many chances, but I am glad he finally came to his senses and kicked her to the

I admired Heidi for her fighting spirit. She is not the type to wallow in self-pity. She is independent, career-oriented and opinionated. She has been through a lot, but she hid her pain well. She had issues with her dad and as a result, she refused to forgive him. I liked that in the end, she
made the decision to let go of the bitterness and restore her relationship with her dad.

I had some minor issues, and thankfully, these did not hinder my enjoyment of the story. When misfortune befell Heidi because of her relationship with Landon I did not, appreciate how quick she was to blame Landon, yet she accepted her friend’s action without putting up a fight. She also failed to acknowledge her part in the situation.

This was an enjoyable read and one that I would recommend to fans of friends to lovers trope. I am counting down the days for the release of the next book in the