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Swept into Love (Love in Bloom: The Ryders): Gage Ryder - Melissa Foster

I read the previous books in the Ryder series and enjoyed them. So, it should not come as a surprise I would want to read Swept Into Love, book #5 in the series. Gage Ryder intrigued me, when I met him in the previous instalments, so I was doubly excited when I discovered that this would be his story.

What The Story Is About.
Gage Ryder has been in love with his best friend, Sally Tuft, for years. However, he was contented to remain in the friend zone as long as it would take for her to move pass the pain of losing her husband. Meanwhile, he remained close, being there for both her and her son, Rusty.
Sally Tuft lost her husband. Leaving her to raise her teenage son on her own. With the help of friends, like Gage she survived the pain and got her life back on track. She never expected to fall in love. She struggled with her feelings, as she feared giving into her passion would not only destroy their friendship but also damage the relationship he had with her son. However, fate had other plans as one night in Vegas will not only test their friendship but also put the love they had for each other on the line. Will the events of this fateful night destroy their friendship and their love for each other or will they allow themselves to be swept into love?

Swept into Love is a must for fans of friends to lover’s trope and second chance romance.

What I Thought about the:

The Story

Engaging, entertaining, funny and heart-warming. These elements combined helped to make a wonderful second chance romance, which I quickly devoured. The story quickly pulled me in and before I realised, I found myself invested in every facet of this well written tale. I have read a few of Ms. Foster’s work, some of which were a hit and some a miss. This was definitely a hit for me. I loved that the drama was low-keyed. Its effect was not to destroy, but to help strengthen relationship between the characters.

The Romance

I thought the romance was adorable, but it was not without its obstacles. It developed from a long-time attraction between two friends. Gage and Sally had been in love with each other for years, but neither acted on their feelings until that fateful night in Las Vegas. Their friends knew how they felt about each other and kept hoping they would finally get their act together. There was no insta-love involved, which made what they shared realistic.
The sexiness factor was off the charts. Ms. Foster did not hold back in this department. The love scenes were hot, but it did not overshadow the story. If these scenes were to be removed, it would not lessen the impact of the story.

The Characters

Sally and Gage are wonderful characters. Gage is patient, caring, determined and loyal. I loved how patient he was with Sally. I admired his willingness to give her time to move past the pain for the death of her husband. Sally is caring, protective and independent. I could relate to Sally’s fears about moving Gage from the friend zone. If the relationship should go wrong it could mean the end of a great friendship.

Her dedication to her son demonstrated that she was a caring and protective mom. Every decision she makes is donewith her son in mind. She takes the time to consider how her actions would affect him. The fact that Gage saw this and willingly heed her wishes to keep their relationship secret despite how painful, demonstrated the true depth of his feelings for her.

The secondary characters helped to bring the story alive. Their antics and banter had me grinning from ear to ear. One of the things I enjoy about the author’s books is her focus on family and friends. This book was no different. Gage’s family are fun and loving group. I loved how they embraced Sally and her son from the moment she became a part of Gage’s life. They made her feel like she was a part of the family. They are a fun-loving group of people, who cared deeply for each other. Their friends were no different.

Swept Into Love was a sweet, feel good romance that was low on drama and had no angst. The story highlighted characters that were realistic and who were faced with real life problems. I enjoyed the romance, the story and the friendships.