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Review: A Gypsy's Kiss by Susan Griscom

A Gypsy's Kiss: Sexy Ice Hockey Supernatural Sports Romance - Michelle Leah Olson, Susan Griscom

After my last disappointing read, I chose this book with the hope that it would prove to be a better choice. I was not disappointed. A GYPSY'S KISS is an entertaining story of first love that is filled with sufficient mystery and drama to keep you turning the pages. I found myself glued to my Kindle, which I had a hard time putting down. The author wove a captivating tale that plunges the reader into a world of hockey, college life, and supernatural capabilities.


Can you imagine going through life not being able to touch anyone and forming lasting relationships? Well, this is the life that Breena Cassidy is forced to live. Breena can see 12 hours into the future of anyone she makes skin to skin contact with. Although she is forced to live her life in solitude, she is very ambitious. She uses her skills in combination with tarot cards to help offset her college expenses. She does this at a variety of campus parties. It was on one such occasion that she met a mysterious guy who would bring about a change in her life in a manner she least expected.


Hawk Covington is every college girl's fantasy. He has a body to die for and the skills that make him a great hockey player. His main focus is on hockey, girls, and parties. He has no interest in being involved in a committed relationship. One of the most remarkable things about him is his two coloured eyes which give him the ability to track people and objects. He has lived a life relatively free of danger, and when he finds that he is being stalked by an unknown individual, he sought Breena's help. What he never counted on was his instant and eventually growing attraction to the lovely and remarkable Breena.


I was hooked from the moment I began reading. I was eager to find out who was stalking Hawk. The interaction between the main characters was entertaining and intriguing. The attraction between them was evident from the moment they touched. I could understand Breena's confusion when she touched Hawk and she did not have her usual reaction. They were both baffled by their feelings for each other. Watching them trying to come to terms with their feeling was both endearing and sweet.


There were incidences that I never expected to happen. This made for an interesting read. In the process of trying to find out who was stalking him, Hawk discovered things about himself that he never thought possible. It had him questioning what he had grown up believing. This discovery would lead to a major change in his life.


Although I enjoyed the story there are a few issues that I had:

1. It was evident that an intruder had been in both Hawk's and Breenas' room. However, the manner in which it was dealt with would indicate that they were not in the least concerned. This was not in line with the concept of the story.



2. I thought Hawk was too quick to trust a certain character. The fact that he was being stalked by an unknown individual should have made him more cautious as to who he could trust.


Verdict: A GYPSY'S KISS is an entertaining read that would appeal to fans of romance, mystery, and paranormal activities. This is the first book in the Sectorium series and can be read as a stand-alone. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. 


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