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Shoot to Thrill (CASI) (Volume 2) - T.L. Schaefer

I am a huge fan of romantic suspense novels, as such when I read the synopsis for SHOOT TO THRILL, I was compelled to give it a try. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting into the story. Even after completing the book, I am not sure why I stuck with it. This is not to say that it was necessarily a bad book. I am sure there are readers out there who would be thrilled by the story, but I felt no connection whatsoever. It did not grab me the way I was hoping it would.


SHOOT TO THRILL is the second book in the CASI series. I did not have the opportunity to read book one, nevertheless, it did not hinder me from reading this installment. SHOOT TO THRILL can be read as a stand-alone.


In this installment, we meet Arin Thomas and Jonah Summers. Arin was a successful stockbroker who became an FBI agent. Her reasons for becoming an agent was based primarily on her need to avenge her sister's death. After several years working with the FBI, she was considered to be an expert in solving cold cases. In the process of starting her vacation leave, she received an anonymous tip about her former partner. This tipster was suggesting that her partner's death did not happen the way it was reported. Being the tenacious person that she is, Arin was determined to see if there was any merit to the information received. In her quest to find the truth, she meets Jonah Summers.

Jonah is not your typical guy. He is a psychiatrist with extra-sensory abilities. He teams up with Arin to uncover the truth as it appears that there may be some truth to the anonymous tip.


Arin and Jonah found themselves on dangerous territory. Russian assassins with extra-sensory abilities similar to that of the students at CASI. It would appear that they had both bitten off more than they can chew.


There was some amount of mystery, however, there were some aspects that I thought were lacking. It would have been good to know who the anonymous tipster was and why he/she wanted Arin involved. Furthermore, what his/her motive for providing this tip. This is a suspense novel, but, unfortunately, I did not get that edge of your seat feeling. I was not compelled to keep turning the pages in that regard.


Josh and Erin are supposed to have developed an attraction for each other, but I was unable to feel it. I did not find it credible. The length of time which it took them to fall in love with all the drama that surrounded them did not resonate with me. How did they find time for those types of feelings to develop? The emotional connection between them was lacking.


The story moved between the past and the present in relation to Arin. The synopsis of her past provided me insight into her true nature. She is a survivor. She did not allow the mistakes and hurts of the past to hold her back, instead, she rose above them.

To conclude, SHOOT TO THRILL was not one of my favourite reads. It was ok, but not suited to my tastes. -


Review originally posted at The Romance Review