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Wild Boys After Dark: Logan - Melissa Foster

My oh my oh my! I am not sure where I should begin.  I became a fan of Melissa Foster when I read Taken by Love.  Since then I have been reading as much of her work that I possibly can. When I heard about the Wild Boys after Dark series my reading antenna started going crazy and  knew I had to satisfy its urges.

On reading this installment, I concluded that this series is on a different level from that of her contemporary romances. It is sexier, gritty and naughtier. The fact that she is able to write a story such as this with all the emotional elements infused within it is a testament to how good an author she is.

I like the fact that the focus was not primarily on the sexiness of the story.  The author addressed an issue that has affected so many women in the past.  The heroine was in an abusive relationship and was now running for her life. This story demonstrated what it meant to be a battered woman and how it changes the victim's outlook on life.

Stella aka Stormy had suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend who is currently in prison.   He is due to be released in four days' time. Stella knows that she is not safe and can never be safe as long he was looking for her.  She puts on a brave front, but deep down she was scared.  The constant running and looking over her shoulder was taking its toll.  I can only imagine how she felt not being able to see her sick mother for fear that her ex would harm her mom to get to her. She lived with the guilt and fear on a daily basis, that persons who assist her would find themselves in her ex's crosshairs. Because of this she avoided meaningful relationships and was skeptical of whom she could trust.

Logan Wild knew that Stella was running from something or someone. As a private investigator, he was determined to find out the truth and protect her at all costs. As a man, he was determined to break down her walls and gain her heart and trust in the process.  Stella, however, was not keen on receiving help from Logan. She was more interested in one night of passion. Little did she know that the one night would leave her craving for more.  Will she give in to her desires and allow Logan to protect and love her?

The characters were interesting.  One can't help but to cheer for them. Logan was the epitome of sexiness.  This sexiness was not only of a physical nature.  His whole demeanor was oozing with it. Stella demonstrated strength in the face of adversity.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read.  I will be reading the other books in the series.  Fans of Melissa will love this story.  If you have never read her work prior to this,  then you need to correct this by picking up a copy of Logan.


I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.