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Hawthorne - Sarah Ballance

This has been on my TBR for some time now. I have finally gotten around to reading it and I am happy that I did. For a story that’s short, it sure packs a lot of punch. To say I was shocked by the outcome would be an understatement. It was sheer brilliance on the part of the author.

The first few paragraphs were sufficient to peak my interest. It definitely kept me turning the pages. I was keen to figure out what were the secrets of Hawthorne. The characters are equally intriguing. The manner in which they were portrayed made me eager to find out more about them. For a story that’s so short, the characters were well developed.


I had my suspicions about Emma Grace’s return to Hawthorne after a ten year absence. However, as I kept reading my suspicions were allayed by the many twists and turns the author placed in the story. As such when the truth was revealed my jaw literally dropped. Hawthorne is a hauntingly and beautifully written story.


The love between Emma Grace and Noah was sweet. Theirs is a love that transcends time. I found this story to be a sweet, romantic and enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.