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Her Avenging Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors #4) - Felicity Heaton

When I began this title I had great expectations based on my prior experience with the author’s work. I have not read all the books in the Her Angel series, but I have read enough to have an idea of what I would be getting myself into. This is a poignant story of revenge, redemption, triumph, unconditional love and forgiveness. It is well written and encompasses a delightful and steamy romance between two unlikely people whose pasts are mired in pain and destruction. This book is filled with angst and best of all it has a happily ever after. Ms. Heaton’s perspective of heaven and hell is unique. In this series, we see demons and angels having relationships and falling in love. We see them working together to prevent the impending apocalypse. And the most surprising of all is the devil having human emotions. The major theme in this series is the war between good and evil and in this final installment we see this war coming full circle and good ultimately conquering evil. The characters are well developed and the fight scenes are awesome. The author’s descriptions are vivid and vibrant which makes you feel as if you are a part of this fantastic world. Her Avenging Angel is an entertaining read that has the perfect balance of action and steamy romance. I enjoyed every moment of the story and would recommend it to readers who are looking for an edgy and dark paranormal romance.